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St. Valentine's Day Mantle |
St. Valentine's Day Mantle |

Apparently, the minute Christmas and New Year’s Day were over we launched into Valentine season!  Seriously, browsing Pinterest at my parents’ house over Christmas I was astounded how strongly Valentine pins dominated the boards!

St. Valentine's Day Mantle |

 I don’t usually like to get into a holiday too soon.  This is at odds with the fact that I have a blog.  Most blogs I see have posts on fun holiday crafts and decor long before the holiday happens.  This is so readers can get the information in time to do something with it!  I mean really, do you remember when St. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day were one-day holidays?  Now they each dominate an entire month or more!

Ok, all that said, I do have some Valentine decorations up.  This stemmed more from needing to fill some space after taking holiday decorations down than anything else.

 During the holidays we displayed Christmas cards above our mantle.  After I took these down, I left the string we used and added sweet birds and fun hearts in red!

 Wanting to keep things clean and simple, I decided on red and classic white to compliment my birds.  I added some white items that I already had (white milk bottles from TJ Maxx, white egg cups from Ross, white branch wreath from a yard sale), and I did buy one new thing- this cute white jug was $4.50 at TJ Maxx.  I know I’ll get good use out of it!

 The wreath was a last minute brain storm.  I knew I wanted to use the phrase “You Make My Heart Sing” because of the birds, but I wasn’t sure how to display it.  I was wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby last week with Patrick while Nora was at catechism, and I had an overpriced red metal sign in my cart.  I finally put it back because I wasn’t happy with the look, or the price.  Suddenly I remembered the white branch wreath I had up in the craft room!  I bought it last summer at a yard sale and tore all the tacky fake flowers off it.  It would be perfect with a little banner.  Yeay for using things you already own!

And to add a needed touch of red, I put red votive candles in the egg cups.  I think the whole thing turned out sweet, simple, and clean.

St. Valentine's Day Mantle |

 So far in the rest of the house I’ve left up my winter porch decorations, kept up my “Love & Joy” banner, and left my kitchen window treatment and dining room table decor the same, with the exception of removing the snowflakes.  So I’ve got clean touches of red and white around the house.

Winter/Christmas Wreath
Love & Joy Christmas Banner
Christmas Tablescape

This will make it easy to put away/change my seasonal decor, which is good since baby is due soon after St. Valentine’s Day.

And of course the kids will still have lots of fun making their own Valentine decorations, to be proudly displayed in the craft room.

For added ideas and inspiration, here are the highlights of last year’s Valentine decorations.  The wine bottles with hearts have been getting pinned like crazy on Pinterest right now!