Hi there! Welcome to DIY Sisters Blog. Thanks for stopping by. We are two sisters (obviously) who like to take matters into our own hands and see what we can create! Our mantra:

Look at something you want or want to achieve and think “I can make/do that!” And when things aren’t going quite the way you thought they would, call your sister!

Our blog is comprised of ideas, suggestions, and projects we have done ourselves. These apply to crafts, sewing, home décor, gift giving, cooking, kids, and more! Sometimes we come up with brilliant ideas on our own. Often we are inspired by ideas we have seen elsewhere. Either way, the journey is fun, and usually hilarious. Join us as we share our successes, our failures, and our stories along the way!

Meet the sisters

Hi, I’m Bernadette, the older sister.  I live in the southeast corner of Washington State where the sun shines almost year round!  I am a stay-at-home-mom, which I absolutely love!  I am married to my dream man (Nick), and we have four super cute kids (I might be biased!).  I graduated from Washington State University and worked in fundraising and marketing/PR before moving on to my dream job of staying home.  I love being organized and enjoy many different crafts.  Right now I am getting into sewing.  I usually have to enlist my engineer husband for the building projects, although I am getting pretty good with a drill gun!

Bernadette's Kids

Hi!  I am the younger sister, Bridget.  I live in Texas and am wife to an amazing husband and mother to three beautiful children. Moving into our current home in 2010 was the beginning of my diy-ing!  It was my first real home and it became my blank canvas.  Together, hubby (Brian) and I have  dreamed, planned, and created.  We have enjoyed learning new skills, mastering all sorts of tools, and admiring the outcome of our work.  I can’t imagine feeling more proud of something then when you have created it yourself; your time, your energy, your creation.  Of course there has been plenty of arguments, frustrations and set backs along the way.  All of which have helped us to learn and improve.  I don’t pretend to know all things and I am sure that my way is not the always the best or only way, I am still new at all of this and I welcome feedback from you.  Please, if you can teach me something I am eager to learn it!  I hope that you enjoy the result of my projects as much as I have enjoyed doing them!

Bridget's Kids

We add posts the same way we do projects-whenever we get a quick break from the kids!  So bear with us and we will post whenever we get a chance!  If you would like to receive our new posts in your email inbox, leave us a comment and click the box to subscribe!

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