I am sorry for that.

I truly do love sharing my crazy, beautiful life with you.  I love showing you my projects and updating you on the latest happenings around my home (which by-the-way I realize I am WAY behind on revealing the girls room, but it is coming-I PROMISE).  I love to be here, so I am sorry I have been gone.

Lucky for you and especially for me, Bernadette is AMAZING and has kept you all entertained, inspired and excited with glimpses of her family, her life and her coming adventures.

Note-sorry to stop in the middle, but I think it important to inform you all that the letter “h” has stopped working on my keyboard. Annoying!  Last week it was the letter “n” and then the “a” and now the “h”.  Is this a warning symptom of a computer shut down?  I hope not! Anyway, if you see an odd word, just try adding an “h” and see if it makes more sense!

Back on point.

I have been gone, but for an exciting reason.  Not as exciting as my last absence, when my family was blessed with the arrival of beautiful Alice, but in a sense I have been working on my latest baby.  The beginning of a company.

I am so proud/excited/nervous/REALLY NERVOUS to introduce to you all Happy Tummy, Healthy Baby!

Happy Tummy, Healthy Baby
Baby's First Food

I have been blessed to stay at home with my babies, I have been able to make all of their food and provide them with the best, nutritious meals.  Talking to my neighbor one day I realized that not everyone is able to do this.  Not everyone has the time, energy or motivation.  Of course we all want what is best for our little ones, we are all willing to do what we can to give it to them.  But we all make compromises.  Unfortunately baby food is understandably one of them.  When it comes to the choice between spending time making food or spending time loving on your little one-love wins every time!  As it should! I am offering parents a way of not having to compromise.  You can now give your child the very best.  Happy Tummy, Healthy Baby is committed to providing fresh, wholesome baby food delivered right to your door (if you live in Dallas!).   

I did a lot of research when Nellie started eating solids.  I read about every possible vegetable.  I looked at the health benefits of every food item.  I learned a lot.  So in deciding to start up this company I already had a base.  It is an area I know and am passionate about. But I still needed to learn more.  So I started reading everything I could on the baby foods available at supermarkets.  After all, there are several brands that claim to be organic, no sugar, no sodium, no preservatives.  So what is wrong with buying these?  It is very simple.  They are not fresh.  How could wholesome, good quality food have a self life longer than the age of your baby?  It can’t.  And thus, Happy Tummy, Healthy Baby was born!

Happy Tummy, Healthy Baby

My company actually launches tomorrow.  You are the very first to see it.  So please, go check out my site.  Even if you don’t live in the Dallas area I appreciate your comments and feedback.


And don’t worry, I am not going anywhere.  I will still be here to share with you my life and this new adventure.