Hooray, it’s Friday!!!  Olivia has no school today, so that’s fun.  And Nora comes home today after spending all week at Grandma’s, playing with cousin Anastasia.  We are excited to get our little ball of energy back!

The downside to this fun day is that our kitchen sink is backed up.  My wonderful, and very handy husband has been unable to fix it.  Wow, it sure reminds you how blessed we are with all these modern conveniences.  I am facing a day with no kitchen sink!

In my last two posts I’ve shown you some gifts I’ve made for babies getting ready to make their arrival.  Today I am going to show you another part of those gifts.

 As I explained in my snuggle pillow post, everyone is having baby boys this year (including me!), except my relatives.  We are expecting three baby girls in the next two months.  I couldn’t possibly send off gifts for baby girls without including hair bows!

I put together a kit of bows to get these little sweethearts started off.  I included a pretty lacy little headband for each, and several handmade bows.  Each of these bows is backed with a ribbon lined alligator clip, and has a non-slip grip.

These cute little hair accessories can be clipped onto the headband, and as the girls grow older, can be clipped directly onto their hair.

I seriously could have gone crazy making bows, and for sure my little soon to be niece will receive more in time, but for now I just wanted a starter set.  The group above is for Bridget’s baby.

 I think my favorite clips are these cute little felt flowers.  They are so sweet, and will match almost anything.  You might think the red is a little out of place for a baby girl, but I was thinking about how many holidays use red…St. Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Christmas…it is actually pretty versatile.

I am terrible about taking pictures while I work, so I have no picture tutorial for you.  And I don’t really have a single source to provide for you.  There are tons of these on Pinterest.  I used a tutorial to get me started making this kind of flower, although theirs is bigger.  And this site has a picture tutorial for making these smaller flowers, but the site is not in English.  If those don’t help, or you can’t find a good tutorial on Pinterest, feel free to comment or email me and I can send you some directions!

 Isn’t this tulle bow sweet?  I had never made tulle bows before, but found the idea on Pinterest.  I think it turned out cute, and the pearl embellishment I added gives it an Audrey Hepburn-ish air!  Find out how to make these here.

 I also decided to include one of my standard double bows with these baby gifts.  It was tough choosing which ribbon to use.  I have some super cute girly ribbons.  In the end, I went for versatility.  So many baby outfits have fun bright colors these days.  This bow should be able to go with any of them! 

 I didn’t show this one in the group picture above, but I decided to try a musical accessory for my cousin’s baby.  Her husband is a talented musician.  At first I was going to do a music note, but I was “pinspired” when I saw a treble clef on Pinterest.  I just went off the picture, and I think it turned out cute!  Their baby can wear this when daddy plays the piano at church!

And speaking of church, I love including a cross hair clip for new babies.  This will be perfect to wear for their baptisms, to church, and for Easter!  You can read more about these clips (and see how else I’ve used them) in this post.

The last clip shown in the group picture above is just a simple ribbon covered alligator clip with two butterfly embellishments hot glued on.  I was digging through my embellishments and found these butterflies and thought “why not?”.  It is sweet!

Wow, just writing this post makes me want to make more hair accessories for these baby girls!  I’m sure my niece (who will be arriving any time now) needs a cute ribbon shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day, and…!

A hair accessory assortment makes a great baby shower gift, or gift to take when baby is born.  I hope you’ve found some inspiration here.  And if you don’t want to tackle it yourself, remember you can always visit my Banners and Bows page to order some from me!