Good morning!  Time for another post on a baby gift!

Fleece Baby Hat

My sister Bridget (yes, the co-author of this blog) is having another girl.  This will make two girls and one boy for her.  Her oldest daughter, Nellie, was born in October, in Florida.  This new baby girl is being born in February, in Dallas.  So while Bridget will be able to hand down her clothes from Nellie, the size and season might not totally match up.  In other words, I’m guessing she doesn’t have much in the way of warm hats for a baby girl.

Yay!  That means I got to make her one!  In my Christmas gift making research on fleece items, I stumbled across a cute no-sew fleece hat.  Here it is.

Click picture to visit source.

I thought the ties going up the side were super cute.  But instead of rolling the hat to cuff the brim, I wanted to sew it.  It seems really simple, but I had to really think about it to wrap my mind around how to do it.  The other issue was that I had a really hard time figuring out what size to make this for a new baby.  I basically just guessed, which means this hat may or may not fit!  Oh well!

To make this hat as I’ve made it you will need:

  • Fleece
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (or not if you do the no-sew version)
  • Matching thread

Cut a rectangle of fleece.  The tutorial I followed said to cut 14 inches by the circumference of the recipient’s head plus 3.25 inches.  To make this for a baby I finally settled on 12 inches high, and 14 inches plus 3 inches for the fringe, so 17 inches.  (I think.  I’m having a hard time remembering exactly what measurements I used.  You want the hat high enough for the head, plus the top fringe, and 2 inches if you are sewing the brim, and you want it wide enough for the circumference of the head plus your fringe on each side.)  Remember, fleece stretches.

Once I’d cut my rectangle, I folded one of the 17 inch sides up about 2 inches.  I placed a pin to mark 1.5 inches in from each end.  Then I sewed a seam about a half an inch from the fold from pin to pin.

To make the hat tie together properly, I then cut the fabric from the unfinished side down to the fold, along where the pin was holding, and then along the fold.  Basically this removed the extra material that I had folded up, but left the other side.

Once that was done I cut my fringe about a half an inch wide, 1.5 inches long going up each 12 inch side about as far as I thought I needed to cover a baby’s head.  Sorry, no exact measurement on that either.  I was mostly just winging the measurements!  Then I tied the sides together, making sure my finished side from my seam was on the outside.

You have to tie these a certain way for them to lay flat as shown in the picture.  You make a double knot, but you tie one way first, then the other way.  Make sure it is the same on each knot.

When I got as high as I thought I needed to go, I cut a thin strip of fleece (you could use another color like the source picture, but I used the same color as my hat) and tie it around the top of the hat, pulling it closed.  Then you fringe the top.

And you are done!  The no-sew version is of course easier, but I like the finished look with a seam around the brim.  Plus I wanted this to be nice and comfy on a new baby, and I didn’t want a cuffed edge coming down into baby’s eyes.  My fringe looks a little longer than the source picture (I was afraid to go as short as they did because I thought it would be hard to tie), but Bridget can always trim it if it looks funny on baby.

So now I just have to cross my fingers that this hat fits Bridget’s baby when she gets here!  If not, Auntie will just make her another one!