DIY Seahawk Fan Gear

If you are into football at all, you might be aware that there is a pretty big game on tomorrow.  And if you live in Washington State, like I do, you are probably getting ready to don your Seahawks gear and cheer your guts out.  The Seahawks are playing in the Super Bowl!!!

It’s kind of a big deal!  I live almost four hours away from Seattle, and people here have been wearing their Hawks gear all week, flying flags from their cars, and businesses are all running Seahawks images on their signage.  You could say we are excited!

A few weeks ago I bought my husband a couple of Seahawks shirts online.  I had wanted to get him one for Christmas, but that didn’t pan out.  After we won the conference championship, I knew he’d better have a shirt to wear for the Super Bowl!

I had no problem paying for a couple of shirts for Nick to have, but I could not bring myself to shell out any money to deck out the kids.  Fan gear is pricey, and the kids grow so quickly!  Patrick has a cute Seahawks running suit that was a hand-me-down, and Nick loves him to wear it!

So, with the game fast approaching, I decided to DIY some cute fan gear!

  I freezer paper stenciled these shirts for the kids.  I found a simple logo by doing a Google search (shhhh, don’t tell the Seahawks!), saved the image, then opened it with my Silhouette software.  If you don’t have a Silhouette, you could just print the image, lay a piece of freezer paper over it, trace it, then cut it out with an Exacto knife.  This was my first time letting the Silhouette do the work for me when it comes to freezer paper stencils.  It was awesome!

Once the image was open in Silhouette Studio, I used the trace function to create cut lines.  I ended up with extra lines, so I had to erase some lines by deleting edit points.  Then I put a rectangle box around my logo, and flipped the image horizontally.  I did this because I read that you should put the freezer paper plastic side up on your cutting mat.  I used the recommendations here for cut settings, and cut my images.  It worked like a charm!  These cut settings were perfect!

If you’ve never done freezer paper stenciling before, you can check out my last post on it here.  I’ll also try to spell out the steps today.  Next I ironed my stencil onto my washed shirts (plastic side down).  You always want to wash your fabric first, with no fabric softener.  I picked these shirts up at Target for $2.10 (clearance!) and $5.  When you iron your stencil on, make sure you turn the steam setting off.  I also use the highest heat.  Make sure you press around all the edges to get a good seal.

DIY Seahawk Freezer Paper Stencil

 Then you get to paint!  The kids and I ran to Hobby Lobby on Thursday to get fabric paint, since I didn’t have any of the right colors.  I like the Tulip Soft paints, but the color options were pretty limited.  I picked up this Neon Green color.  It sounded right.  It didn’t turn out the perfect Seahawks green, but it is a cute color, and I can totally use it to make some cute St. Patrick’s Day shirts for the kids.  I also did not realize that it had sparkle.  The bottle says nothing about sparkle.  So while the sparkle is cute, yes, my son will be wearing a sparkly Seahawks shirt tomorrow!  It’s not tooooooo sparkly. :)

 I applied my paint with a foam brush, making sure to put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to protect from bleed through.  I applied one really good coat, let it sit about a half an hour, and ran a second coat over it.  After a couple of hours I removed the freezer paper.  I am always amazed at how perfectly freezer paper works as a stencil.  I had no bleeds!  The images look perfect!

DIY Seahawk Fan Gear Freezer Paper Stencil

 I let the shirts sit to dry over night.  The paint says it takes four hours to dry, and to not wash them for 72 hours.  When you do wash, make sure to turn the garment inside out.

DIY Seahawk Fan Gear

 So now the kids have totally cute, cheap, DIY fan gear to wear for the game tomorrow.  I, with my big belly (36 weeks pregnant!) will be wearing one of my husband’s new shirts.  Isn’t it nice of him to share?! :)

 And since we all know I like to make hair bows, and love any excuse to do so, I whipped up a cute coordinated bow for Nora to wear for the game.  I recently came across this loopy bow style and have been wanting to try it out.  It was super easy.  Waaaaaayyyy easier thank a korker bow!  There’s a great video tutorial on how to make these here.  You can also visit the Hair Bow Gallery on my Banners and Bows page to see a cute little set of Seahawks korker bows I made my niece last year.  (If you go to the page, scroll down until you see the Gallery of Bows link, and click on that.)

So now we’re all set.  I hope you all enjoy watching the game (and commercials) tomorrow, and remember…GO HAWKS!!!